Hi, I’m Sokk!

I do graphic design and illustration. Got a diploma in Media- and Advertisement Art from Tartu Art College, some while ago. After school I travelled around a bit, got a great tan and just chillaxed. While at school and after it, i’ve been side kicking as a freelancer doing some corporate graphics, ad work. Had the opportunity to paint some stills for internet based casino games, which was pretty cool. Then some more logos and business cards and WordPress based websites with the help from a code savvy friend. And whatever else has come to my way. What else? Does anyone ever really read these? I mean, I usually end up updating my portfolio yearly and every time I have absolutely no idea what I should put as my “about” text. That picture over there isn’t even me. I just wanted to sketch a kid some eons ago. I didn’t even put too much effort in it. But I really like it, so I use it everywhere. Anyways, i’m currently employed as an ad maker in a newspaper. And for fun work on a T-shirt brand with two of my friends.  And yes, I do exchange my skill-set and know-how agains money, which I later exchange for goods like food and services such as the internet connection. So if you have a project that you need help with, or have something more of a long-term thing in mind, don’t hesitate to write! Assuming you’ve read this far to learn this. I’ve got quite a paragraph over here, don’t I? Some sketchy looking picture, contact field below and voilá – you’ve got an “about” page. I put my e-mail under this paragraph as well, but there’s also the contact field. Imagine that, you’re reading some crap some dude just made up and you sorta get a feeling what type of a person that dude might be and then you can just drop him an e-mail about whatever comes to mind. Right on this website. You don’t even have to open your own e-mail client. Wow! What a time to be alive!


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